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The books continue to spread

The books continue to spread
9-Aug-19 It's now nearly 10 years since the books went online, and so far there have been 18,118 downloads - about 4,000 in the last year, so that means that the rate of downloads continues to grow. Fantastic!
Downloads continue, at an ever-increasing rate
12-Sep-18 There have now been a total of 14,295 books downloaded, which is more than 10,000 in the last 4 years, and the rate continues to rise. Well done Lesley x
Wow! Total downloads: 4102
3-Aug-14 Well done Lesley, your work continues to spread :)
Rosa's work continues to spread
14-Feb-2011 Lesley would be very happy to know that her books continue to be requested and her work lives on. Since she left us there has been a steady and increasing stream of downloads. By today, 930 books had been downloaded, and the magical figure of 1000 downloads is now in sight.
There is now a page on Facebook in memory of Lesley, and there are already many moving entries.

Click here to see the page
Lesley's funeral

The funeral is at 10:30am on Monday 7th June at the Igreja de São Lourenço in Almancil, and is a humanist ceremony. It was Lesley's wish that there were to be no cut flowers.

For those travelling from the West Algarve, directions can be found here.
Rosa died peacefully on the morning of 1st June 2010 - International Children's Day

In the early hours of 1st June, 2010 Lesley  Stephens (Rosa) passed away peacefully at home.

Sadly, on International Children's Day, the children of the world have lost one of their greatest friends and champions.

Through this site her work can live on, and she can continue to help children take their first steps in reading the Portuguese language. Since the site first came online in October 2009, over 500 books have been downloaded. Please spread the word on the existence of this precious resource - and let the children read.
Level 2 is on its way
The level 2 books are now starting to be uploaded to the site.
Over 100 downloads in the first week
Since the site opened on 22-Nov-09, over 100 books have already been downloaded. A big thank you goes to all of you for helping the children to read. Spread the words!
Level 1 is on its way
The level 1 books are now starting to be uploaded to the site. We expect to have the full set available with the next few days.
The full set of level 0 books are now available
The books for level 0 are now available for download. Please press the 'Download books' button and follow the instructions.
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