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Let's read
A good foundation in alphabet is crucial for all subjects, where reading and writing are involved.

These reading books are ideal for children to read to their parents, friends and teachers, putting in the sort of practice that is essential for early reading. They progress gradually in vocabulary and grammar, with amusing characters and story lines, that have already been tested and enjoyed by many children. All books are written in a variety of different styles, fact and fiction, rhymes and narrative and speech. They provide a link between the school and the home with interesting points for discussion and play acting in accordance with the Portuguese Language Curriculum.

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Level 0
Materials   0.1 Paper simple alphabet letters index - made the book
0.1, mounted on cardboard and laminated.
0.2 Alphabet Book - read alphabet song Paper
0.3 - 0.4 write alphabet book - bilingual
Objectives   Children have practised recognising the small print and making their sounds. "A" Listening examples of things that start with each letter. "Ana angel yellow ring" Recognizing the right way to write form letters and simple. development of listening skills and awareness of words Recognize the names of objects and say the first sound of each word. "Ring begins to" recognize the letters when they are presented in letters wrapped - out of alphabetical order. Sing the alphabet - to hear the sounds. They can hear and see and point (move) Give Examples of things that start with each letter. add the letters to the members ba be bi bo bu games with cards of the simple book - the child wins the cards that I know) says the name of the picture - cat b) says the sound image "cat begins with the sound g". c) joins the SOMs and read the word "ga to = cat "d) shows how to write letters with your finger or pencil.
Differentiation   Each child takes time I need. Can read and repeat games with the cards to recognize.
Appraisement   When the child recognizes almost all letters and their sounds then they are ready for Level 1. It's good to write simple letters to form correctly because some help to fix the head! The proper formation of simple lyrics helps writing in the future.
Level 1
Materials   12 bookx (1.1 - 1.12)
Word list
Objectives   The child has:
- Practice in recognizing letters and sounds together to "hear" the words. EX: to ga = cat
- Practice in recognizing words and simple sentences.
- Repeating the words of the mainstream
- Practice in guessing the text of the images, and in the context of history
- Practice in comprehension, speaking and listening.
- Practice using the list of words written to recognize / read individually. The words can be cut and mounted on cardboard and laminated.
- Practice using the words on cards to make their own sentences
- Can write / copy the sentences and make a drawing.
Differentiation   Children with learning difficulties need more practice with each book and every word. The books suffixed 'a' were written to such give support. Children that are doing well do not need to read the 'a' books, bt of course may do so. Books 7-9 are the most difficult, having more vocabulary.
Appraisement   When the child recognizes and reads all the words of Level 1, they may move up to Level 2. Also evaluates the alphabet again, and if all is right, introduces the letters with capital letters.
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